Your questions answered

We hope all your questions about our Travel Plan are answered in the FAQ below. If not please feel free to contact us

  • How does the plan work?

    The Travel Plan by Inman is designed to offer you worldwide protection to bring a loved one home should a death occur when away from home.  Utilizing the professional services of a global funeral shipping network, with dedicated specialists coordinating all arrangements, your loved one will be returned home and all the stress eliminated.

  • Are there any additional fees once enrolled in the plan?

    No. The one-time enrollment fee of $450 provides a lifetime of protection.  There are no additional fees.  The Plan covers the transportation of a loved one home, or arranging a direct cremation at the place of death. 

    If the family should request any services at the place of death before transportation, such as a viewing or ceremony, there would be additional cost for this.

  • What is included in the plan?

    All professional services to assist the family make arrangements. One copy of the death certificate. A suitable shipping container.  The airline fee for transportation.  The transportation from the inbound airport to the destination funeral home.

    Or, if requested all services & charges to arrange a direct cremation at the place of passing, and returning the cremated remains to the family.

  • What is not included in the plan?

    Any additional requested services such as a viewing or service at the place of passing before funeral transportation is arranged.

  • How far away from my current address does the plan cover?

    The Plan covers a death 75 miles, or further, from a participant’s legal U.S. residence.  Including worldwide travel.

  • How soon does the plan come into effect once I enroll?

    The Plan is effective as soon as you are allocated your unique membership credentials. Your membership pack is mailed to your legal U.S. residence within 7 days. If you purchase the Plan while away from your residence, you MUST return to your home address before the Plan takes effect.

  • What enrollment information does a participant receive?

    A participant receives a welcome letter, a plastic credit card size membership ID card, and a change of address form. Along with contact information to update any participant details.

  • How soon do I receive my enrollment pack?

    Enrollment packs are mailed to a participant within seven days.

  • What is the requirement of a 'Legal US Residence'?

    A ‘legal residence’ shall mean the participant’s fixed and full-time U.S. address.  At the time of enacting the Plan, for purposes of verification, the Travel Plan Team may request supporting documentation.  Legal residence is verified by registered voting, taxes, driving license, etc.

  • What if I move address and my legal US residence changes?

    On enrollment in the Plan you will receive a Change of Address notification form.  If you move your permanent U.S. residence, you must submit a Change of Address  to the Inman Travel Plan Team.

  • Is there an age restriction for enrollment in the plan?

    No.  There is no age restriction limit for enrolling in the Plan.  Any individual with a ‘legal U.S. residence’ may apply.

  • I spend some winter months as a snowbird in Florida. How long can I stay away from my home residence and be covered by the plan?

    A participant may spend a period of up to 180 days within a 12 month period at an alternative address. If a period exceeds 180 days (in one year), the address at which they were residing will be considered their legal address

  • How many months in a year can I travel away from my residence and be covered by the plan?

    The Plan covers all travel, but any continuous period away from your residence that exceeds six months in a one year period, would result in the location you resided in for the duration of that extended stay being considered your legal address for the purpose of the Plan.

  • If I purchase the plan while away from my legal residence, does it immediately offer protection?

    No. If you enroll in the Plan while away from your U.S. residence, you MUST return before the Plan comes into effect.

  • Who do the family contact if a death does occur away from home?

    The family must contact the Inman Travel Plan Support Team on the designated phone line provided on enrollment to the participant and on the membership ID card.

    The Team will then coordinate all funeral shipping arrangements for the family to return their loved one home.  Keeping the family informed of the process.

  • What happens if a family member already contacted a funeral home at the place of death before it was known that I had a travel protection plan?

    There are no reimbursements for arrangements already made by a family before contacting the Travel Plan Team.  Therefore, it is important that you ensure your family are informed of your enrollment in the Plan and provided with details. 

  • Can the family choose which funeral home receives the body on transfer?

    Yes. In consultation with the TPP Team, the family can nominate the receiving funeral home.

  • How are my family kept informed during the process if I die away from home?

    The Support Team keeps the family notified of all steps during the process of coordinating arrangements. The family can contact the team at any time.

  • How long does it usually take for a deceased person to be returned home?

    This can vary depending on the circumstances surrounding the death, and whether it is a domestic or International transfer. It can usually take between 10 to 21 days.

    If a death was sudden or accidental, a coroner may be involved and a cause of death may need to be determined before a death certificate is issued.  Once all the required legal documentation is secured, the TPP Support Team will make arrangements, and schedule the return transportation.

  • Do I need to set a funeral plan with a local funeral home to receive my remains?

    You do not need a funeral plan to enroll in the Travel Protection Plan.  Your family can select a receiving funeral home at the time, in the event that the Plan is enacted.

    If you do not currently have a funeral plan, we can help you set up a DFS Legacy Plan. This is a simple Preplan that documents your wishes and can be linked to a P.O.D. bank account to cover necessary final expenses.  Learn more about the DFS Legacy Plan.

  • I already have a pre-need funeral plan. Can I add this travel protection to my existing plan?

    Yes.  If you already have a Preneed Funeral Plan, the Travel Protection Plan makes a Peace of Mind supplement to your existing plans.  It will ensure your family incur no expenses to return you home for funeral arrangements.

  • I spend half the year in Mexico. Will this plan cover my repatriation if I die in Mexico?

    As long as you enroll in the U.S. before your travel to Mexico, you may spend a period of up to 180 days within a 12 month period at your Mexico residence, and the Plan will cover your repatriation.  If your stay in Mexico exceeds a period of 6 months, without returning to your U.S. home, your address in Mexico will be considered your permanent address (for the purpose of the Plan).

  • Do you offer a family travel protection plan?

    There is no family plan at present, but we do offer a Couple’s Plan at a discount.

  • Can I transfer the plan to someone else if I decide I no longer intend to travel?

    No. The Plan is non-transferable.

  • I now live in Arizona but I have a cemetery plot in Michigan. Can I preplan funeral shipping to transport my remains for burial on passing?

    We can help you make a pre-plan for funeral shipping, but this is different to the cover offered by the Travel Plan by Inman.  Contact us if you need assistance or a quote for preplanned funeral transportation.

  • I still have question about the travel protection plan. How do I get help?

    Our Team are here to help you with any questions you may have.  Feel free to email or phone us.